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What are the technical characteristics of aluminum extrusion processing

Oct 25,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Aluminum alloy profile extrusion has many characteristics, mainly manifested in the stress and strain state that occurs during the extrusion process, metal flow behavior, comprehensive product quality, production diversity and flexibility, production efficiency and cost, etc. Some aspects.
1. Can squeeze and join metal powder, chips and other metals
2. The use of split combined molds can form thin-walled hollow asymmetric products
3. It can process and form aluminum alloy materials with very low plasticity
4. Complicated irregular cross-sections and products can be formed
5. It is possible to process the rough of the outer layer of the shoe with the covering material to prevent oxidation and surface cracks.
Aluminum extrusion processing also has its economic shortcomings, such as: easy to cause mold breakage, grain growth and surface cracks, pressure increase due to friction during forward extrusion, increased energy consumption, and increased material handling, etc. Process, low production speed, low efficiency, uneven quality due to temperature instability, and high-power extruder for extrusion force of several thousand tons, etc.